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Everything you need to know about stocking your shelves with Frauxmage

In an age where most of what we eat is produced in factories with machine precision, Frauxmage is the alternative. Each wheel is handcrafted and takes 3-5 weeks to reach completion prior to packaging. 

Seasonal factors such as outside temperature and humidity affect the aging process, as well as which type of Frauxmage it is. 

Despite consistently maintaining recipes, the look of your Frauxmage will differ from batch to batch. Rest assured, the taste will always remain consistent! Feel free to share this information with your consumers as well, should they have any concerns. 

The Frauxmagerie is proud to bring you dairy free, handcrafted goodness made right here on Georgian Bay!

When you order from the Frauxmagerie, you are supporting a small local business - Thank You!

We currently produce in accordance with demand, meaning that when you place your first order, we are increasing our production numbers to accommodate your consumers.

For example: You place an order on June 1st, and we receive your order that same day. You are placed on the list in chronological order, and we begin producing your Frauxmage within 1-3 days of receiving your order and it takes anywhere from 14 to 35 days to age your Frauxmage to perfection! 

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